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It’s official: after January 2012, I will be a daytime lab rat! No more needing an extra hour of sleep because daytime sleeping isn’t as deep, or dragging for days whenever I need to flip my sleep schedule on days off. I’ll still have all my other real-life obligations to deal with, and will need additional training on a new type of analysis. But once that’s done, I hope to have more writing time. Or at least be less exhausted when I write, so writing time is more efficient and less incoherent… or rambling, as in the case of at least one review I’ve written when I should have known that I was too wiped to do anything but read.

Anyway, I won’t suddenly become the fastest of writers, but I do hope to increase my output. I still intend to finish all my works in progress, but the Gundam Seed and Harry Potter ones will be lower priority for the time being.

I'm into anime, manga, sci-fi and fantasy with the odd crime drama mixed in. I often watch documentary series on forensics and cold case investigations. I enjoy puzzle games and listening to music. Occasionally, I play flute or piano, but I don't have the best ear for creating music.

I have used étienneofthewestwind as my online name for years. It comes from a Tori Amos track, the second part of the Étienne trilogy. So aside from not being male, I have a tendency to mentally mispronounce the name. I hope that all speakers and students of the French language won't hold that against me.

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